Good morning!

What is this site?

This is a collection of work, including websites, digital art and eventually paintings.

Who am I?

I am a web developer and artist from Cambridge (UK) and have for a long time, held an interest in the Surrealists movement. At the moment I am trying to fund working as an artist by creating designs on Redbubble, in particular designs that resonate with my interests and those that I think people will be interested in. My main work will be painting, probably in oil or acrylic on canvas and I will mostly work in the surreal.

Trillian Sphere, what's that all about, then?

Well, it's really just a kind of artists pseudonym. It's also a nod to my favourite set of books, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Trillian was one of the characters and sphere is just a reference to the Earth as the supercomputer in the books.

Here's some of my stuff

The Surrealists

The Surrealists Website

A website detailing information about the early 20th Century Art movement of Surrealism. It includes artist's biographies, galleries and information, information about the Surrealist Manifesto, some articles relating to Surrealism and a surrealist chatbot. It also includes a random insult generator. The Surrealists Website...

My Redbubble

A website that sells digital designs on a range of merchandise, including t-shirts (Dali T-shirt), masks (NO WAR mask), stickers and mugs. Trillian Sphere's Redbubble...